Collection: Provincial Stain Shaker Cabinets

Provincial Stain as a Classic

If you want to add a rustic charm to your space, look no further than Provincial Stain cabinets. Similar to our Rustic Hickory, the Provincial Stain darkens the wood's color and accentuates the distinctive grain. So, if you're interested in the classic wood look for your cabinets but want a darker wooden look, our Provincial Stain is the ideal choice for you.

Trust the Material 

You're interested in cabinets that suit your needs but want to know their durability. You want to utilize your storage space, but you also want to make sure the cabinets will be sturdy enough to last for years. Whether you're looking for cabinets to withstand the humid temperatures of the bathroom or sturdy enough for a kitchen or a workshop, it's a matter of how long these cabinets will last. 

When you shop with QuickLock, you won't have to worry about anything. Our cabinets are handcrafted by the Amish, made with 100% hardwood, and crafted right here in America. They are ready to assemble to make the process easier for you. Unlike the commonplace usage of thin plywood, we incorporate high-quality ½" thick panels of birch hardwood plywood for our shelves, boxes, and back panels. 

To ensure our cabinets are at their peak for your satisfaction, our cabinet doors, drawers, and face frames are solid wood. In addition, our cabinets are made with signature interlocking joints to strengthen their durability further. We can guarantee that our products will meet your expectations and help you reach that ideal space you've been looking for. 

Play with Size 

You've got the vibe for your ideal space and started checking out what we have in store. Now, it's just a matter of what type of cabinet you want. No matter how you style and customize your space, QuickLock has the right Provincial Stain cabinet to suit your needs. 

Are you interested in filling a small space or a larger one? Are you trying to cover up that corner space with something that'll look nice? We have a size for every space; it's just a matter of how you'd like to customize our cabinets to your desires. 

Wall Cabinets 

We have a few options if you're interested in QuickLock's wall cabinets. Our single-door wall cabinets are a perfect fit for a small space and utilize storage space among three shelves. When using your small space for your remodel, these cabinets will be ideal for you to customize and style until you're satisfied. 

For those with larger spaces to work with, you might be interested in our double-door cabinets. These will be perfect for larger spaces and help you utilize the maximum storage space you've sought. Whether you're using these cabinets in a kitchen, workroom, or office, they will give you the space you've been wanting and that wooden, rustic vibe you've been interested in. 

If you're looking to remodel your kitchen, perhaps our microwave wall cabinet or wall corner cabinet might pique your interest. The microwave wall cabinet is perfect for small spaces, utilizing the storage space for items that you might tuck away above the microwave. The corner cabinet is ideal whether you're looking at remodeling your kitchen or another room in your home. With the corner cabinet, you can utilize the maximum amount of storage space while also making the space within your home look neat and organized. 

Base Cabinets 

The best part about the base cabinets is that your choices have increased compared to our wall cabinets. No matter what kind of space you're remodeling, you won't go wrong with any of our base cabinets. 

We have a few options for single-door and double-door cabinets, like our wall cabinets. 

If you're remodeling your kitchen, you might be interested in our three-drawer pots and pans cabinet or a sink base cabinet for either your kitchen or bathroom. 

You might be interested in our lazy Susan cabinet, which maximizes storage space in a corner. We also have pantry cabinets to suit your needs. 

No matter what base cabinet you're looking for, the fun part is that QuickLock has every kind of cabinet to style your space and build it to your ideal specifications. 

Working on a Budget 

Remodeling can be costly, and you may be worried that you might exceed your budget, especially when trying to find that ideal cabinet for your space. If you're worried about breaking the bank, QuickLock is here to help you. We believe in the value of our high-quality cabinets, but they should be reasonable. Our cabinets come at reasonable prices just for your satisfaction. When you choose to shop with QuickLock, you can enjoy the fun of remodeling and creating your ideal space while saving yourself some money. 

If you still wonder about our cabinets and whether or not they're the right one for you, rest easy with our refundable samples. We offer 6" x 6" door samples and color swatches in each of our styles, and they're fully refundable when you place an order. 

Follow Your Dreams 

It's time to turn your ideal space into a reality, and now you know what to look for. No matter what space you're remodeling or what vibe you're going for, let QuickLock help you find suitable cabinets to fit your needs. Whether you're working with small spaces or large spaces, our cabinets come in various sizes for you to choose from. Shop with pride, knowing that QuickLock has long-lasting cabinets at affordable prices just for you.